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How are classes going

Classes are held in an online one-on-one format

with a coach from any place convenient for you at a time convenient for you

  1. The trainer registers You on the platform
  2. Go to the platform using the link that the coach sends and get into the virtual classroom.
  3. Setting up audio and video communication
  4. The virtual board is synchronized between the student and the coach.
  5. 5. Enjoy learning
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Do you know
what is the name of this mate?


Coaching staff

Only the best coaches
from all over the world work with us

  • The best coaches

    from 1st grade to grandmasters, with teaching experience of 3 years or more

  • 3-step

    the selection system. Out of 100 applicants for the position of coach, only 10 get a job

  • Every coach

    he is trained according to our methodology and constantly improves his qualifications

Our advantages

We try to create the best
conditions for our dear students to study

Flexible schedule

lessons at a convenient time


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coaching staff

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How we work


Leave a form for training

Your personal supervisor contacts you
and coordinates with you a convenient time for a free trial class.


Free lesson

Getting to know the coach. Assessment of the level of training. Lesson plan
and coordination of a stable schedule. The coach makes
personal recommendations on effective chess training.


Regular lessons

Regular classes are held at an agreed time with the coach.
You log into your personal account in your "virtual classroom". Everything that
was studied in the classroom remains in the classroom, you can always repeat the material studied
. Homework is an integral part of learning.



A personal supervisor who monitors the effectiveness of training. Free
transfer or cancellation of the lesson. Subscription payment system 4/8/16/32.
The more classes in the subscription, the lower the price. If for some reason
the coach is not suitable for you, we will replace him on demand.


Achieving the result

- After each lesson, we track the progress
- Students participate in our online tournaments
- Raising the rating

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Children and teenagers

For schoolchildren and preschoolers

For adults

For hobbies and careers


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